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Has this project been approved?
City Council review is anticipated to follow the city’s August 11 public meeting.

When will this project be completed?
Construction is expected to start following project approval and is anticipated to take approximately 24 months.

Will the units be for sale or rental?
The units will be available for rent.

Can the community provide input and if so, how?
Community input is an important component of our project planning and design. The community is encouraged to provide input by submitting comments to

Will this project create more traffic in the area?
This project was designed in a way that minimizes the impact on traffic in and around the area. We included a traffic study in materials provided to the city for review.

How will parking be allocated?
We continue to study and analyze parking allocation and availability however the current plan includes one parking space per bedroom for lease. There is also ample visitor parking available on the premises. The current plan includes at least one parking space for each studio and one-bedroom units, two parking spaces for two-bedroom units, and three parking spaces per three-bedroom units.
How many commercial units are included?
Commercial units account for 5,500 square feet of the property.

What type of retail space is available?
The retail space is mixed use and will be available for services such as salon and beauty, restaurant and retail.  Space for potential outdoor seating and sidewalk adjacent dining has been designed into the project.

Will you allocate space for Latino-owned / local-owned business?
There will be space available for lease to anyone who wants to open a business including Latino-owned and local-owned businesses.

Does the project include ecofriendly features?
The project includes energy efficient LED lights, low flow toilets and water fixtures as well as energy efficient HVAC systems. Electric vehicle charging stations as well as visitor and resident bike parking will be available on site. Also, the project is walkable to services and commercial areas with access to public transportation, thus reducing its carbon footprint.
Will the project include union labor?
This project is expected to generate good paying construction jobs not just for local residents, but for many throughout Los Angeles County.

How many floors does the project include?
The planned project includes six levels with a step down to three levels at the residential interface. The building has been carefully massed such that there is a reduction in scale on the portions of the building that visually impact lower density neighbors. Landscape features, changes in color and materials will create a pleasing interface with adjacent properties.

What is the approval process?
After public review of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis, the planning commission will review the project, followed by the city council for final vote/approval.

If I’m a senior, can I live at The Mercury?

Yes. The entire building is ADA access compliant. Also, the Texas wrap parking design allows tenants to park close to their unit’s front door, inside the building, in a way that walking distance is minimized.

I'm a homeowner living near the project. If approved, will this project lead to increased property values and cause my property taxes to spike?

Your property value may be increased. California’s Prop 13 limits increases to property taxes for owner occupants.

Is this project designed for Section 8 renters?

Under federal law, Section 8 voucher holders may apply to rent at any rental property, however there is a cap in the voucher amount and the renter must make up any difference.

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